JoJo Monitor Tank Level

Smart monitoring, right at your fingertips.

R 4,999.00

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JoJo Monitor Tank Level

Installed on top of your tank, our innovative IOT Tank Level device measures the water level via a sensor and sends the data to the JoJo Monitor app on your mobile device. It that’s simple! It utilises both Bluetooth and Sigfox connectivity to ensure maximum versatility, taking into consideration various applications and requirements.

Product Features & Benefits:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Ideal for initial setup, testing, and real-time monitoring.
  • Sigfox Integration: Enables remote monitoring, allowing you to track current and historical data, set alerts, and analyse water storage or consumption over specific periods.
  • Wide Measuring Range: Accurately measures water levels ranging from 150mm to 5,000mm.
  • Reliable: Engineered for consistent performance.
  • Convenient: Pairs with our intuitive, user-friendly mobile app for an optimal water monitoring experience.

Important Guidelines:

  • Sigfox Coverage: To enable remote monitoring, ensure you’re within the Sigfox coverage area. Check the coverage map for details.
  • Device Activation: Download the JoJo Monitor app and follow the on-screen instructions to link your device before installing it on your tank.
  • Optimal Placement: For best results, position the sensor near the tank’s center, ensuring it’s level and at least 150mm above the highest water level.
  • Compatibility: Avoid placing the device in metal or concrete enclosures, as it may affect performance.
  • Tank Warranty: To avoid damage and maintain your tank warranty, avoid putting pressure or weight on the tank lid during installation.