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  • Switching-to-a-circular-economy

    Towards a more sustainable future: Switching to a circular economy.

    As the environment continues to be affected by issues such as climate change, pollution and the declining availability of natural resources, it is more important than ever to consider making drastic changes to the way we live, consume and interact with our planet. One such change is switching from a traditional linear economic model to … Read more

  • JoJo_Blog_Posts_Gardening

    Water-wise gardening with JoJo: How to have a beautiful garden while saving water.

    Being water savvy doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy a gorgeous garden. With the recent droughts in South Africa, many home owners are installing rain water harvesting or grey water systems to irrigate their gardens. If you’re looking for a top-quality system to help you maintain a water-wise wildlife haven, JoJo offers a range … Read more

  • JoJo_Blog_Posts_Safe_drinking_water

    Water quality in South Africa: Is my water safe to drink?

    In January 2017, the latest Blue Drop report was released by the Department of Water and Sanitation. This water quality report showed that, of the 1 036 municipal drinking water systems evaluated, only 44 complied with Blue Drop status standards. Although this marks a decline in our water quality since the previous Blue Drop report, … Read more

  • jojo-countertop-filter-1

    Introducing JoJo’s new Countertop Filter

    What does it do? “Basically, it redirects water from your tap and filters it, so you can have clean, great- tasting water in an instant.” It uses disruptor filter technology Filters up to 3000 litres of water It’s low maintenance And it’s easy to install

  • Introducing JoJo’s Filter Jug!

    Introducing JoJo’s Filter Jug! It uses disruptor filter technology. It’s BPA free. It’s 100% recyclable (excl. filter). It filters up to 480 litres. Our Filter Jug removes more contaminants than any other filter on the market to ensure clean, safe and great-tasting water.

  • Introducing JoJo’s new Disruptor filter range!

    Our new JoJo Disruptor filter removes more contaminants than any other filter on the market to ensure clean, safe and great-tasting water. It removes: Bacteria Viruses Parasites Sediment Medication Chlorine

  • JoJo Tank Municipal Backup: Your wingman during water outages:

    It’s a hot, South African summer day. You turn on the tap for a cool drink of water but… nothing. With poor and improperly maintained water infrastructure in so many South African communities, water outages are becoming an all too regular occurrence. That’s why, more than ever before, it makes sense to invest in a … Read more

  • Rainwater harvesting with JoJo Tanks: Everything you need to know.

    If the recent nationwide droughts have reminded us of anything, it’s that we live in a water scarce country. According to the WWF, South Africa is the 30th driest country in the world. This, combined with often unreliable water infrastructure, means that we have to find smart ways to ensure water security when supply is … Read more

  • Availability & preference: JoJo Tanks Suppliers and Customising your JoJo Tank

    You’ve decided to invest in a JoJo Tank, but you may not be sure how to go about getting your hands on one. Not to worry – wherever you are based, a JoJo Tanks supplier is never far away. JoJo Tanks has factories in Pretoria, Groblersdal, East London, Uitenhage, Worcester, Bloemfontein, Glencoe and Camperdown. Our … Read more

  • Made of tough stuff: The JoJo Tanks guarantee.

    In these tough economic times, it’s important to spend our money wisely, choosing quality items that truly add value to our lives. At JoJo Tanks, we’re committed to ensuring that all our products are expertly designed and of the highest quality, providing you with storage solutions built to last for many happy years. Every JoJo … Read more

  • The First JoJo Tanks Competition Winners Announced

    Over the last 40 years, JoJo has been committed to providing South Africans with a better quality of life by improving water security. This year we asked you, our JoJo community, to let us know how a JoJo could make a difference in your lives. The response we’ve received and the stories you’ve shared with … Read more

  • Getting set up: Choosing and installing your JoJo Tank

    If you’re looking to invest in a JoJo Tank, the first question you’re probably asking yourself is which JoJo Tank size you should buy. Since each JoJo Tanks installation is different, your required water tank size will vary depending on the water source, the desired application, the amount of available space and, of course, your … Read more

  • The A to Z of septic tanks

    Are you looking to install a septic tank to address your household’s sewage but aren’t sure which route to take? With so many tanks on the market, customers are often bombarded with info and left without answers on where to begin! As South Africa’s leading water storage and sanitations solutions provider, JoJo Tanks is simplifying the science … Read more

  • How can you help? Water preservation is everyone’s responsibility

    South Africa has the potential to become a water-barren land when compared to other countries that experience regular, plentiful rainfall. In times of drought, this is exacerbated and, occasionally, leads to crises as is the current case in the Western Cape. As a “permanently” dry country, all citizens should continuously take proactive measures to save … Read more

  • How can we overcome the sanitation backlog in South Africa?

    The dream of a country where all of its people are connected to proper sanitation systems is still some way off for South Africa. While access to basic sanitation is every South Africa’s constitutional right, the reality is that millions of South Africans are still serviced by pit latrines. This means increased exposure to pathogens … Read more


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