Water Filtration Solutions

Using unique 3-in-1 Disruptor™ technology, our water filtration solutions remove more contaminants than any other filter on the market.

Which filtration solution is right for you?

The type of filtration solution you require will be determined by your water source, the quality of the water, the desired application and, of course, your personal preference. You could also integrate different solutions depending on your unique water requirements. Here is guide to help get you started.

Why JoJo’s water filtration range is your best choice

Disruptor™ is a break-through technology for water purification that is not directly comparable to any other water purification media currently in the market.

Most water filters serve merely as verified sieves, reducing the amount of sediment and chlorine to make the water look and taste better, but leave behind the microscopic harmful residue of bacteria, viruses, parasites and trace chemicals, amongst others. The Disruptor™ technology, patented by Ahlstrom, provides the cleanest water possible. Ahlstrom Disruptor™ is a high-performance non-woven filter media with the ability to reduce membrane biofuelants and bacteria.

Disruptor™ 5293 PAC-S is designed specifically for improving the quality of water through particulate filtration properties produced by both Electroadsorption and mechanical filtration. Improved taste and odour qualities are provided through the addition of powdered activated carbon (PAC) and antibacterial silver.

By combining all three water treatment methods into one product, Disruptor™ 5293 PAC-S is the first non-woven media capable of competing with polymeric membranes and carbon block in terms of filtration efficiency and water quality, but at significantly higher flow rates, and with lower energy consumption.


Additional benefits

Energy savings and sustainability.
It offers very high flow rates at lower pressure drops compared to competing technologies with similar biological removal performance.

Maintains water integrity.
It effectively removes pathogens and other contaminants whilst maintaining the minerals for taste.

No wastage whilst filtering.
As part of the filtration process, no water is wasted when using the Disruptor filter.

Disruptor Comparison Table_Aug2023

What makes our filters different?

Our unique 3-in-1 Disruptor technology uses:

We have put the Disruptor™ 5293 PAC-S to the test multiple times.
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