JoJo Water Monitor Devices

Easy, reliable, remote water monitoring that allows you to
track the water level inside your tank via your phone.

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Connectivity Options

Our Tank Level device has two connectivity options,
each serves a purpose and offers certain advantages, they include:


  • For initial activation and testing
  • For live readings or real-time monitoring when within close proximity of your device



  • For remote monitoring of your device
  • To access current and historic data
  • To configure alerts and notifications
  • To view and compare water storage and/or usage over given periods

What is needed to set up remote monitoring?

  • Follow this link to see if you have Sigfox coverage in your area.
  • Activate your FREE 12-month subscription via the JoJo Monitor App by following the in-app prompts during the device registration process. The app can be downloaded directly from your app store and is compatible with IOS, Android and Huawei mobile devices.

The JoJo Tank Level Device

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Frequently Asked Questions

JoJo Monitor App

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the JoJo Monitor App.
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JoJo Monitor App