Septic Tanks

These tanks are installed underground and used for the disposal of sewage.

A septic tank’s purpose is to collect wastewater, and separate and partially decompose as much heavy organic material as possible. The settled sewage can then either be discharged into the sub-soil via a soakaway system or treated further biologically for non-potable applications.

All our septic tanks are manufactured via a rotational-moulding process that produces a seamless one-piece, watertight tank that is easy to handle as well as rust and corrosion-resistant. Based on this superior septic tank construction, JoJo septic tanks are backed by a ten-year warranty and have been tested and approved fit for purpose for use as a sanitary disposal system by Agrément South Africa, CERTIFICATE 2009/359. Click here to read more about this certification.

Note: JoJo manufactures its septic and conservancy tanks from recycled plastic in order to reduce destructive waste output. They are therefore not suitable for the storage of water for potable purposes.