40mm Thumb End Plugs

Provides a water-tight seal for unused outlets/inlets.

40mm Thumb End Plugs

The 40mm Thumb End Plugs are used to seal off any unused outlets or inlets, preventing water from escaping the tank. Please note that thumb end plugs need to be ordered separately, as they differ from the dust plugs supplied with JoJo Tanks inside certain fittings. Dust plugs keep the tanks as clean as possible prior to purchase, but will not prevent leakage. NB: Never close the overflow of a water tank with a thumb plug. The overflow provides an escape route for water should the tank get too full, preventing pressure from building up inside the tank. It can be covered with mesh to prevent dust or mosquitoes from entering the tank, or routed to an area where the excess water can be utilised. Tip: Refer to the specification sheet on each product page to confirm what is supplied with each tank.

Product Benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Robust construction
  • Water-tight seal