450mm Screw-on-Lid

Covers your tank to ensure that the content remains safe and secure.

450mm Screw-on Lid

The 450mm Screw-On-Lid is the standard lid for all medium and heavy-duty Vertical and Low Profile chemical tanks, the 2 500 litre MultiSlim, 20 000 litre Vertical water storage tank, as well as all horizontal tanks from 1 500 to 5 500 litres. It is sold as a complete unit that includes the lid (which is pre-fitted with a seal) and a pre-moulded threaded ring which is bolted to the tank, allowing the lid to simply screw into the ring. Manufactured with a breather, it avoids any negative pressure from building up inside the tank.

Product Benefits:

  • Made with UV-stabilised polypropylene
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Great value for money