First Flush Rainwater Diverter

Flushes away the initial, most contaminated flow of rainwater and directs clean water to your tank.

First Flush Rainwater Diverter

The first flush rainwater diverter diverts the first flow of rainwater, which may contain contaminants from the roof and gutters, into a diverter tube that seals off once full. It then directs the rest of the rainwater into your water storage tank. A flow control valve ensures that the chamber can be emptied out after each rainfall, or as needed.

Supplied in kit-form, it is easy to install and simple to use. Simply add the appropriate length of plumbing pipe according to the quantity of rainwater you wish to divert. Keep in mind that the more water diverted, the better the quality of water will be in the tank.

Product Benefits:

  • Improves the quality of harvested rainwater
  • All-inclusive and easy to install
  • Allows for installation horizontally or vertically
  • Simple and effective
  • Little maintenance required