Whole-House Disruptor Filter Cartridge

One of three 20-inch filter cartridges available for the Whole-House Filter.

Whole-House Disruptor Filter Cartridge

The Disruptor filter cartridge is used for the second stage of filtration as it uses a unique process called electroadsorption to attract and remove even the smallest contaminants. It also contains powdered activated carbon to reduce odours and improve the taste of the water, as well as anti-microbial silver for additional disinfection.

Note: it is very important to ensure that you combine the correct cartridges for your specific water requirements. For more information on the correct combination for you, click here.

Product Features & Benefits:

  • Unique Disruptor 5293 PAC-S Technology – removes more impurities than any other filter
  • Powdered Activated Carbon reduces odours and improves the taste
  • Anti-microbial silver disinfects
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Long lasting cartridge



    • Size

    • Diameter

      112 mm
    • Height

      507 mm