Sanitation Storage Solutions: Chemical/Mobile Toilet Solutions

Ideal for use as a temporary solution, as and when required.

Chemical/Mobile Toilet Solutions

Chemical or mobile toilets are often used on building and construction sites, or as a temporary solution when no water is available.

Chemical/Mobile Toilet Benefits

  • Mobile solution
  • Affordable and easy to transport
  • Offers the convenience of temporary sanitation when needed

System Components

For a basic system you will require the following:

1. Chemical drum(s)

Preferably two (one with a seat and one with a lid) that can be used interchangeably.

2. A hut

To cover the pit toilet for privacy and shelter from the elements.


This is a guideline for a basic application. It may vary based on the setup and personal preference and should be done according to local legislation and manufacturer’s guidelines.


It is very important to adhere to the requirements for the safe emptying and management of the toilet. The following is advised:

1. Keeping the pedestal and hut clean

Regular cleaning with anti-bacterial agents is vital in order to effectively manage bacterial problems in and around the toilet. An enzyme reconditioner can be used to assist with odours while the drum is in use.

2. Disposing of the waste

Once the drums are full, the waste has to be transported to a sewerage treatment facility. It is advised to make use of a licensed hauling company, ensuring that you adhere to local legislation