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JoJo Tanks. For water, for life.

We are dedicated to the protection of water resources, water security and quality of life

JoJo produces safe storage solutions for water security and a better quality of life for all.

By protecting our most precious, life-giving resource, our products help to safeguard the wellbeing of individuals, their communities and the environment.

JoJo Tanks Purpose

Our Heritage

The core of our business is simple: we answer needs.

JoJo Tanks is a 40-year-old, proudly South African success story – one that is right up there with South Africa’s most loved brands.

The core of our business is simple: we answer needs. The very real needs in our country around infrastructure and sanitation, as well as a global need for us all to be more responsible with precious resources.

We are for water, for life – dedicated to protecting our water resources and providing water security through quality products and top-notch service. While we are best-known for our iconic water storage tanks, we hope to grow our business and become just as famous for our agricultural, industrial and sanitation solutions going into the future.

At the end of the day, we believe that every JoJo Tank and product tells a story - of progress, people, and community. It is these stories that drive us to keep searching, innovating and securing a better quality of life for all.

About Our Storage Tanks

JoJo Tanks has the fit-for-purpose certification, proprietary technology, unrivalled expertise and technical know-how to create leading storage solutions. This, combined with years of industry experience, makes us the forerunners in providing application-specific and general storage tanks.

The high UV and corrosion resistance of our polyethylene products ensures they withstand our harsh climates, while any algae growth is inhibited by the black food safety accredited lining material used.

Our company culture inspires and celebrates the human capacity to innovate for good. Regardless of your budget, space or aesthetic requirements there is a wide variety of JoJo Tanks in multiple colours and sizes available.

We offer end-to-end solutions by partnering with businesses who add value to JoJo products through product extension and installation. With an in-house engineering and design capability it is possible to rapidly move initiatives from idea to product concept to commercialization.

JoJo offers a wide range of storage solutions to suit every application – from domestic and agricultural to industrial and commercial. Ranging in sizes from 260 litres to 20 00 litres, our storage tanks are suitable for storing a wide range of materials such as rainwater, chemicals, fertilisers, diesel, sewerage and more.


Meet the leadership

Grant Neser
Managing Director

Grant Neser

Rod Cairns

Rod Cairns

Gerrit du Plessis
Technical Director

Gerrit du Plessis

Liezel Kotze
Financial Director

Liezel Kotze

Sebsasti Badenhorst
Sales, Distribution and Marketing Executive

Sebasti Badenhorst

JoJo Tanks Warranty JoJo Tanks 10 Year Warranty

Our Warranty

10 Years

JoJo Tanks provides a 10-year warranty on all its products used in normal applications Read more about it here.

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From filters to tanks, JoJo offers a wide range of solutions to suite various applications including domestic, agricultural, industrial and commercial.

Having trouble finding the ideal solution for you? Have a look at what we have available and don’t hesitate to ask for assistance should you need any guidance.


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