5 250 Litre Vertical Water Storage Tank

Ideal to use for rain and grey water harvesting or as a backup system during water shortages.

5 250 Litre Vertical Water Storage Tank

JoJo’s 5 250 litre Water Storage Tank (previously known as our 5 000 liter Water Storage Tank) is one of the most popular in our Vertical Tank range. As a result, it has been innovatively redesigned to hold an extra 250 litres without changing the size or price of the unit.

Note: Vertical tanks must be installed on a sound, level and smooth surface. Level paving will suffice, or a properly designed tank stand. Alternatively, a concrete plinth needs to be built, ideally with a concrete bed at least 85mm thick and 100mm wider than the diameter of the tank.

Product Benefits:

  • 10-year warranty
  • Made with the best quality virgin LLDPE
  • UV-stabilised outer layer withstands the harsh African climate
  • BPA-free, food-grade layer prevents leaching of harmful chemicals and protects the quality of the water stored
  • Black inner layer prevents algae growth
  • Greater thickness of polymer at the bottom of the tank provides the required strength to withstand the pressure from the liquid stored
  • Closely spaced ribs at the bottom of the tank provides added strength
  • No vertical joints or weak points in the layers for added strength
  • Our colour pigments have the best weather- and light fastness properties for extended outdoor use without fading
  • Lids are secured with spring-loaded e-clips as an additional safety measure in the event that the tank overflows



  • Size

    5 250 Litre 
  • Suitable For

    • WaterWater (SG 1)
  • Diameter

    1 820 mm
  • Height

    2 255 mm
  • Lid

    480 mm Clip-on